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Mobile as the Medium

Last week, as I stood on a New York City subway while it was barreling downtown, it occurred to me how each and every person within sight was staring at, listening to or tapping on their mobile device. To those of us centered in marketing, it is no secret that mobile is a major disruption of our traditional web strategies. Because billions of people are now connecting to the Internet and consuming media in different...READ MORE

Top 10 Ways to Super Charge and Optimize Your Job Postings

Trying to hire?  In 2015, the chances are that your candidates will type a job title into a search engine. This is why it is important to keep your job postings highly visible and optimized. If candidates can’t find your postings, you won’t get responses—but when your jobs are optimized, it can become one of the best ...READ MORE

Town of Islip's Economic Development Office Taps SMM for Marketing Campaign

SMM has been hired by the Town of Islip (TOI) to provide branding, advertising and digital services. The campaign will be designed to promote economic development in Islip and as an exceptional town in which to establish a business. The Town's Foreign Trade Zone ...READ MORE